Manage records from creation to destruction

TranSearch offers Windows and online records management for the storage and retrieval of documents, files, images, archive boxes or any trackable item.

  • Compliant with all major standards;
  • Can Assist with GDPR..
  • Manage paper and electronic images;
  • Interface with third party Archives;
  • Full audit trail for each file and box;
  • Windows and / or web-based;
  • Customisable designs & configuration.
  • Powerful Reporting Tools.

More about TranSearch

Paper AND Electronic Documents

Many organisations are moving towards the goal of a paperless office.

TranSearch is a true Hybrid product, managing paper and electronic images.

Where hard copy is retained, it is linked electronically to the image created so that it is immediately retrievable.

'Off the shelf' / 'Made to measure'

‘TranSearch Generic’ (TG) is an ‘off the shelf’ product which is completely configurable.

We take ‘TG’ and then turn it into ‘TranSearch Specific’ to give each Client exactly what they require ... in effect their fully customised version.

We build into this all of the Client’s compliance requirements, reports, destruction diary, etc.

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